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Kings County Politics: 43rd District City Council Race Quaglione Calls On DOT To Improve School Crossing Markings


Quaglione Calls On DOT To Improve School Crossing Markings

ByStephen Witt

Posted on September 28, 2017

City Council Candidate John Quaglione (R-Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach) squinted his eyes in the bright, late morning sunlight and pointed to the hard-to-read cross walk sign across the busy intersection of 89th Street and 4th Avenue in front of  PS 264.

“This is a commonsense issue, we all want our children and their educators to be safe walking to school,” said Quaglione. “It may seem minor to City Hall, but I’m here to tell them it’s not. It’s important to know your kids are safe.”

Quaglione noted that just around the corner on the east side of the intersection at 415 89th Street is the Brooklyn School District 20 Office, which also houses a new Pre-K school in a building that looks more industrial and on a block filled with auto repair shops.

There isn’t even curbside signage, let alone a cross walk, to let speeding motorists know the buiding houses a pre-k school and to slow down, said Quaglione.

Quaglione said a parent of a child who attends the PS 264 first contacted him expressing concerns about the confsuing cross walk signals at the intersection of 89th Street and 4th Avenue school contacted John Quaglione to express his concern about the crosswalk. The father, a lifelong public servant pointed out the combination of improper street markings within the crosswalk. Noting too, the incorrect placement of the ‘WALK/DON’T WALK’ sign causing confusion on a daily basis.

Once alerted to the problem, Quaglione conducted a survey of all the school crossings in the 43rd Council District.

“I am calling on the DOT (Department of Transportation) to assess the condition of all school crossings at the beginning of each school year. As the parent of two beautiful daughters, our children’s safety and education will be a priority of mine if elected to City Hall in November,” said Quaglione.

Nathaniel Soule