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John Quaglione in the news


Brooklyn, NY – Republican City Council Candidate John Quaglione (43rdDistrict) today is calling for the repeal and replacement of the New York State Returnable Container Act, also known as the “Bottle Bill” and is vowing, if elected, to author a Home Rule Message to the New York State Legislature.

Quaglione is highlighting the fact that the presence of the 5 cent deposit return value is creating a serious threat to the quality of life in the 43rd District and must be eliminated. The original intent of the law, enacted in June of 1982, was to encourage recycling, ease the burden on the solid waste facilities, and reduce waste, much of which is now part of the regular life of New Yorkers.

 “Every day of this campaign I have been talking to voters about my plan to improve the quality of life of this district.  For many, that starts with the elimination of the 5 cent refund on bottles and cans. There is great frustration among residents that strangers are trespassing on their property and going through their garbage. This must end,” said John Quaglione.

“New York City has mandated recycling for more than 25 years, and now with the addition of the organics program, we do not need the “Bottle Bill” in its original form anymore.  As your next City Councilmember, I will address this issue in way that does not threaten our environment, by funding a study on reducing waste and how NYC can best continue to support the State Environmental Protection Fund. If elected, a priority of mine will be to send a Home Rule Message to Albany calling for the repeal and the replacement of the NYS Returnable Container Act,” continued Quaglione.

            Community Activist Susan Esposito stated, “We need to get rid of the 5 cent refund. Everyone will still recycle but there will be no money involved. This will eliminate the strangers going through my garbage.  I support John’s plan.”

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