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John Quaglione in the news

Statement from John Quaglione, Candidate for City Council 43rd District, in response to Councilman Antonio Reynoso’s “trash fee” suggestion

Brooklyn, NY - In response to Councilman Antonio Reynoso’s suggestion that New Yorkers should be charged a fee for residential garbage pick up, John Quaglione says, “The already overtaxed, overburdened, and overcharged law abiding citizens of Brooklyn should not have to pay more to have their garbage picked up. This is not right and not fair. These are the basic rights of taxpaying citizens, and they shouldn’t be shrugged off. When I’m in City Council I’ll be the biggest opponent, and the best proponent for Brooklyn and its neighborhoods.” Councilman Reynoso stated a monthly fee could be charged to residents, and households who put out more garbage could be charged an even higher fee.


John Orlando