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John Quaglione in the news

John Quaglione, candidate for City Council, calls on Mayor de Blasio to provide community with advance notice when sheltering homeless in hotels

Brooklyn, NY - On Thursday, October 19th, John Quaglione - candidate for New York City's 43rd Council District - called on de Blasio to give residents in the surrounding area at least thirty (30) days notice when hotels get rented to shelter the homeless. The demand comes after a disturbing DailyNews article in which de Blasio says "we'll give whatever notice we can" when a hotel is rented to shelter the homeless.

"It's bad enough that de Blasio is making the homeless hotel operators richer by using our taxpayer dollars to fund the for-profit homeless industry," said Quaglione. "Now he won't even let the community know if he's planning to house the homeless in our own neighborhoods. Does he think we're stupid and we won't find out?" continued Quaglione.

In a letter to the administration (attached), Quaglione cited a universal Pre-k that is opening on the same street as the Prince Hotel (315 93rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209).

"My youngest daughter will soon be going to Pre-k. You're telling me if I send her to the Pre-k located by the hotel on 93rd Street, I won't be given sufficient notice if homeless move in? It's just plain wrong and if elected to City Council these are exactly the types of policies I will fight."

Furthermore, Quaglione urged the administration to avoid opening any homeless shelters or housing homeless in hotels on the same street as any school.

Quaglione continued with his own plan to fix the homeless crisis plaguing our city. "Instead of using our tax dollars to fund the for-profit homeless industry, we should invest in NYCHA, fix vacant apartments to shelter the homeless and keep families together," said Quaglione.

An audit from the state comptroller released Wednesday found that shelter providers named their own prices with little pushback from the Department of Homeless Services. The rates charged by two comparable shelters might differ by as much as $225 per person per day, according to the audit.

Nathaniel Soule